Marvin Lurie


Welcome to my Web site. It's my "New and Selected Poems." I try to be objective and post only a few of the poems I finish, those that I think might deserve to be seen in public. They are arranged in collections that have similar themes, with those that don't fit in any collection listed individually. Some are listed in more than one collection. If you like what you see here, please check back occasionally to see what's new. Start here with a poem that expresses part of my philosophy of life as a retired person. 

Planning the Day

Sitting in the kitchen with a book of poetry and coffee. 
Early morning sun slants through the yard
filling our cherry tree with streams of light.

Watching a jay flutter and roll
trying to cling up side down
to the bottom of the suet feeder,
I put aside the book.

I will waste more time.


The old bear wanders
forests, fields. Looks at the world.
He doesn't roar much.


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